If you dream of driving in your automobile without taking the time or effort to clean it, 4C Mobile Services is ready to help.
We offer competitive rates for all types of cleaning, including

  • Wash and Wax Exterior4C Mobile provides the latest in skilled state of the art exterior vehicle car care.We use an impressive full line of Maguire’s wash &wax to the premium lines of hand or machine buff and compounds applied products, to include high tech waterless car wash wax applications.

    Our full service menu is designed to address any of the following paint contaminates, Acid rain, water spots, and clear coat pollution. Oxidized paint, paint overspray, tree sap, excessive tar and road grime sometimes require a detailer’s touch.When it comes to medium to heavy scratches / scuffs or rock paint chips, 4c has the corrective care your car needs.

  • Wash Rims and TiresAt 4C Mobile,caring for custom rims is primary from excessive brake dust to paint in wheel wells, dull chrome or polished wheels we service them all to achieve the original brilliant look.
  • Interior ShampooAt 4C Mobile we pay close attention to interior conditions to restore to like new as humanly possible.
  • Annual ContractsSee Service Plans Button
  • Commercial VehiclesFull service fleet and service line vehicle are care for on an appointment basis only.
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning4C Mobile restores leather interiors with cleaners and conditioners that uphold the traditions of the leather look.
  • Undercarriage CleaningWinter/Spring season is the perfect time for removing salt and snow from the vehicle underbody with the 4C Mobile pressure washer blast and rinse.
  • Calcium Deposit CleaningAt 4C Mobile it is most common to see acidic calcium during harsh winter months, moving deposits from clear coat or gel coat paint surfaces requires a 4 step process to completely restore clear coat to the original surface.
  • Small Scuff & Scratch Removal4C Mobile has a verity of approaches to removing most Small Scuff & Scratch that are above the paint surface, whether the approach requires an experienced professional hand rub (or) high speed orbital buffer the Meguiar’s light cut to heavy cut products helps us achieve the desired finished results.
  • Waterless Car Wash & WaxA long time secret of racing professionals everywhere, 4C Mobile uses FW1 Wash & Wax requires no water and has a unique combination of cleaning agents, lubricants and Carnauba Wax which combine to lift the dirt and grime away from paint or other non-porous surface, leaving nothing behind but a layer of wax and a professional show car finish!
  • Steam CleaningComing soon 4C Mobile using the Optima Steamer- see

Prepay before 10:00 am Early Bird Special, check, cash, credit card, paypal
Regular Car Wash – $25.00 (includes Wash Exterior, Rims, Tires, Windows Interior Vacuum)

Prepay Early Bird Specials

Car Wash

Price: $35.00

SUV 4×4

Price: $45.00


Managers Special

$65.00 (Wash and Wax Exterior, Clean Mirrors, Rims, Tires, Windows, Vacuum interior, Spray tire shine)

Manager Special

Wash & Wax

Price: $65.00


4C Mini Detail

$85.00 (Same as Managers special +Plus Clean and shampoo mats, clean dashboard, instrument panel. You will (4c) the difference!

Mini Detail

Wash / Wax & Shampoo

Price: $85.00

(Prices may change for 4×4’s and larger sized automobiles.)

Manager Special & Mini Detail SUV 4X4


Full Service Detail

  • Hand Wash & Chamois Dry
  • Moderate Bug & Tar Removal
  • Clean Tires, Rims, and Wheel Wells
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Auto Body Work and Painting – (Ask us for an estimate)
  • Machine Buffing Exterior to Remove All Light Scratches and/or Oxidized Paint
  • Machine Polish Exterior to Remove Swirl
  • Marks & Produce a Glossy Shine
  • Hand Application of Wax
  • Detail Logos & Trim to Remove Excess Wax
  • Dress Tires & Trim
  • Vacuum Interior & Trunk
  • Steam Clean Shampoo Upholstery, Carpets, Seats, and Floor Mats
  • Clean & Dress All Interior Vinyl
  • Clean Windows, Mirrors, Ashtrays, and Dashboards

Compact Cars & Pick ups – $185.00

Full Detail

Compact Cars & Pick ups

Price: $185.00


Large Cars & Pick ups – $225.00

Full Detail

Large Cars & Pick ups

Price: $225.00


Small Utility Vehicles & Mini Vans – $245.00

Full Detail

Small Utility Vehicles & Mini Vans

Price: $245.00


Large Utility Vehicles – $265.00

Full Detail

Large Utility Vehicles

Price: $265.00


For Suburbans, Full Sized Vans – Call for Prices

Approximately 2-4 hours for all details depending upon size or car.

We only use cleaning products that are safe for children and pets, and every member of our business friendly team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless results.

To request an estimate on any of our services or products Please fill out the information sheet at the contact us button.

Rain Policy

With any of our 4c Car Wash services we have a 48 hour rain policy. If it rains (or) snows with in 48 hour after your car wash service, we will re-clean the exterior of your vehicle, it’s like a two for one service.