Service Plans

8, 10 (or) 12 Services Plan

For many of our 4C customers we developed a prepaid annual car cleaning agreement. This plan invites
you to put up to 2 cars on the same plan for the same price, simply rotate cleanings from one car to the
other as needed. All plans are designed to give you a full or mini detail each quarter.
The 8 services plan will provide 4 mini details and 4 regular car cleaning services.

The 10 services plan will provide 1 full detail, 3 mini details and 6 regular car cleaning services.

The 12 services plan will provide one cleaning per month, 2 of the 12 cleanings will be full detailing
services, with 2 mini details and the remaining 8 will be a regular car cleaning services.

If you want to know more about the plans, feel free to call 202.415.0982 or email

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best quality of services in the industry.

With any of our Annual Service Plans we will put your car in as like new condition as humanly possible.Whether you need to trade, sell, or simply enjoy your car, the Annual Service Plan will keep your car cleaned in a like new condition. Included in all Annual Service Plans is the full detail below.

Inclement Weather (Rain) Policy

With any of our 4C Car Wash Services or Annual Plans we have a 48 hour rain policy. If it rains or snows within 48 hour after your car wash service, we will re-clean the exterior of your vehicle at no additional cost.